Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hollywood Movie Hills Have Eyes -1

Hills have eyes -1 was released on 10Mar2006. Hollywood film directed by Aja.Hills have eyes theme is same as wrong turn if you seen wrongs turns.
The story when Ethel and his husband BoB go to sandiego with his family members his daughter, son and son in Law.

After driving few miles his car is punchured through spoke belt and car is struck with stone. Bob go to petrol station for help and other family wait in car.
There they find something wrong happen,actually they reach near to the village where abandoned nuclear testing.

BOB son gogle see far away some person is burning when they reach there they find he was his father his sister sleeped in car bus and they nuclear testing affected two people came and raped his younger sister. At the same time when his older sister come and see the scene they try to save her.After Killing BoB wife they go back and take his baby with her. When his eldest sister husband Doug come they seen his wife and mother in law is no more and his child is missing.They go for find finally they reach to village where nuclear testing accured and find his child there.Holly wood movie hills have eyes horror movie and you enjoy this movie.