Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hollywood Movie The Tourist

Hey movie lovers i start my first blog  writing about the thriller hollywood movie The Tourist,starring Angelina julie and johnny depp directed by the florian hanckel .
the story started when she get the letter from the alexander at the caffe.elice(angelina) burns the letter and boards the train.there she take the seat beside the frank(johnny) who is the american tourist reading the spy novel.frank seen the alice and immediately attracted to her.the train arrives at venice and they take the boat for alice hotel.At dinner alice admits feelings for another man and they share kiss with the tourist frank. next day men suddenly break in to the hotel room and frank is caught by italian police suddenly the alice appears for saving frank and tell him that all is happening because she kiss him and the police think he is alexander.the alexander is the boyfriend of the alice and they stolen two billion from gangster named shaw. 
the alice rationalize for involve him in all these tricks and say sorry but the frank says he loves her.after that alice goes to government building and turns out to be a secret agent for britain.actually the elice is the secret agent and want to caught a alexander but fell in love with him and disappeared from the job.elice say acheson that she is ready to help him to find the alexander. after that she meet with the alexander and want to take the robbery from Alexander.

actually Alice want to disclose the safe's location to get back money but she does not know the safe code. At last the police comes like that as they come when everything matter finished. the police do not know actually who is Pearce. franks fall loved with elice and they ask to Elice that if she loves with both him and Alexander she says yes.finally frank reveals that he know the safe code and he is Pearce.they open the safe and police find the bankers cheque of 744 million pounds.Alexander had gotten  plastic surgery  so he could have the new life.
movie is really interesting frank loose their real identity because she loved with elice. i will continue   write review about the latest movies and upcoming movies what do you think the decision what the frank taken is right or wrong.

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