Thursday, January 20, 2011

Upcoming Movies The Dilemma

Upcoming  Movie The Dilemma is a 2011 American comedy movie starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. The film is directed by Ron Howard. Ronny (Vaughn) and Nick (James) are best friends and partners in an auto design firm. They are engaging a project to make their firm famous With Ronny's girlfriend, Beth, and Nick's wife, Geneva, by their sides, they're unbeatable. Ronny sees Nick's wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) kissing another man.Ronny seeks out answers and plan how to tell Nick about what he saw while working with him.
As the recreational probe melts his world into comic havoc, he learns that Nick has a few secrets of his own. Now, with the clock ticking and pressure mounting on the biggest presentation of their careers, Ronny must decide what will happen if he reveals the truth to his best friend.

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A man learns that his best friend's wife is cheating and must decide what do with that knowledge.
Style: Comedy and Drama
Duration: 1 hr. 58 min
Released Date: January 14th, 2011 (wide)

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