Monday, February 14, 2011

Upcoming Movies The Lion Of Judah

Upcoming movies the lion of Judah is funny animated movies, Directed by the Deryck Broom and Roger Hawkins, starring Ernest Borgnine, Leon Clingman, Georgina Cordova, Scott Eastwood, Samantha Gray.

Upcoming movies The Lion of Judah is a Easter time and Judah, the lamb and his other stable friends, have been wary of being captured forforfeit; but finally, Judah himself is trapped by thetowns people, to be offered at the sacrificial communion. Then animals undertake to save their friend. the journey of the pig, donkey, rooster, horse, cow and rat, trying to save him from the grip of death. 

The upcoming movie the lion of the Judah is good animated movie. It is most like by the children’s, they like this movie most. You can really enjoy this movie. You can watch this movie trailer in this blog and download it from here.


  1. em waiting for this fantastic movie.I have downloaded its trailer.It seems from the trailor that the movie will be a super hit.