Saturday, July 2, 2011

Upcoming movies Empire of Assassins

Upcoming movies review comes with movie empire of assasins released on 5 jul 2011,starring Li Yuan and Miu Tse.upcoming movies is action genre.The story of upcoming movies about the two brothers who seek to destroy each other.

One man is out for retaliate after a life-altering event destroys his family. After years of planning he seeks out his justice, while he don't know their relation with him, he is his brother. As they both seek to destroy each other certain memories are touch off and although many trusted allies will be diahonourable and misleading neither one will stop until they know the truth.

Released date-: 5 jul 2011
genre-: action
running time-: 1 hr: 33min
starring-: Miu Tse,Li Yuan

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