Monday, April 25, 2011

Upcoming Movies 13 Assassins

Upcoming movies 13 assassins is directed by Takashi Miike, starring koji yakusho,takayuki yamada, Arata Furuta, Sosuke Takaoka, released on 29 apr 2011. upcoming movie is action and adventure by genre.
coming soon movie 13 assassins story about the masochistic young Lord Naritsugu rapes and kills at will. No one can touch him because he is the Shogun’s younger brother. A senior government officers assumes that situation become the dangerous after Naritsugu come up to a higher political position. After some conflict the older samurai gather more 11 samurai’s including Shinroukuro who is their nephew.
They decide to go travel through the mountains, where they meet a hunter named Kiga Koyata and they adopt him as the 13 assassin. They helps them find the village they have chosen for the conflict, and they again meet with their comrades. They take the village over and change it into a mazy mousetrap with many camo monitions.

Upcoming movies cames up with interested story and you will really enjoy this movie. you can download this movie also and get information about the genre, starring, and released date.the average rating of this movie is 8.5 and 8 stars.

Running time-: 2 hr 6 min
Rating: 8.5
Stars-: ********
Genre-: Action and Adventure
Released date-: 29th Apr 2011

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